“I went to see Logan on Thursday nights preview and in my opinion it was absolutely the best superhero movie to date!” Wolverine has always been my favourite comic book character by far so I may be a little biased, but what I enjoyed most about the movie is something all comic fans can relate to…it stayed true to the books. I highly recommend seeing it in the theatre to get the maximum experience!

This fall, I had the opportunity to shoot some cosplay characters (I know..I’m way behind on blogging). What a great experience shooting Wolverine, The Punisher, and Harley Quinn!  The hair, the makeup, and the shoot itself made for a super fun day.

I have shot with Jay (Wolverine) before and I’m always impressed how talented he is.  He is an amazing makeup artist and martial artist.  Rhonda (Punisher) is both a photographer  and friend who always brings so much enthusiasm and talent to every shoot.  It was my first time shooting with Michelle (Harley Quinn) and I am looking forward to shooting with her again.  For this blog, I asked each person to wrote some thoughts on their character.

The Wolverine,

He goes by many names such as: James Howlett, Logan, Weapon X, Dog Tag #45825243, X-Men and most famously The wolverine.

Canadian Breed and served in our Canadian military Logan, is a bad ass warrior, lumberjack kick ass indestructible Samurai son of a gun with a ill mannered temper and razor sharp claws on both paws to back it all up.

To date I have posed as the Wolverine twice on film, Once with Andrew Livitt Photography and the second with Brian Boudreau. Many have told me I resemble logan and I truly have to admit, The moment I slid on that bomber jacket I felt a tingle up my spine like I was wrapping superman’s cape around my neck. It made the costume complete with the authentic dog tags and claws to accompany my rugged bushy beard and comic influenced hair design to mirror my favorite X-Men.

What an amazing day to shoot with a Super talented Photographer Mr. Brian Boudreau and to shoot with two good friends, Rhonda Gillard as The female Punisher and Michelle Hotte as Harley Quinn.

I feel very in tune with Logan’s character because he is not only a fellow Canadian, but a powerful self driven mutant with a short fuse and a hell of a lot of punch to his personality and fighting style. He just straight up looks cool as hell. I love his no bull shit attitude and his bravery. The wolverine never backs down from a fight.

Being Logan and feeling those sharp claws protruding from my knuckles and the smell of the cigar and the feel of the leather on my back brought me to a place of depth and respect for who the Wolverine is in relation to myself.

One of my favorite shoots of all times.

Tomorrow” Logan” The movie comes out in theaters an daaaaaaaaammmmnnnnnn I’m stoked to see it.

`Jay Guertin

Harley Quinn

Getting into the role of Harley Quinn was very easy for me…I loved every moment of it..not only because I can strongly relate to her character but also because she is fun, seductive, beautiful, crazy, strong and everything she does comes from a dark impulse within. She loves to live life dangerously and on the edge…
to me, Harley is best described with the following quote…the quote that influenced this photo shoot for me…
“That was a whole lot of pretty, and a whole lot of crazy”… 😉

~Michelle Hotte

The Punisher

Punisher Aka Rhonda Gillard …full of bitterness and revengeful tendencies. Fights for the greater good but highly trained to defend. Rhonda also has trained for many years and will attack if necessary she remembers those who crossed her and will eventually have her justice

A quick selfie with these awesome people.

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