I had the opportunity to shoot a cosplay of Star-Lord back in October ( I’m so behind on my blogs ) with a fellow photographer. It was a fun day. I was amazed to see how much detail that William Tell had put into his cosplay outfit. He purchased the different pieces from various online stores.

The prop manufacturer who made the helmet replica was a German prop maker named David Klakus, and William Tell spent about a month after receiving it painting it to perfection. The walkman is legit, an original Sony Walkman like in the movie ( He’s super proud of that authenticity, it alone cost him about $800 with an extra $300 for the helmet and $250 for the coat.)

William Tell is currently working on a Hawkman outfit and I’m really looking forward to seeing the completed character and shooting with him again in the future.


Star-Lord IMG_5483 - edit copy

Star-Lord IMG_5452 -edit copy

Star-Lord IMG_5528 -edit copy

Star-Lord IMG_5502 -edit copy

Star-Lord IMG_5484 - edit copy

Star-Lord IMG_5464 -edit copy

Star-Lord IMG_5469 -edit copy

Star-Lord IMG_5422-edit copy

Star-Lord IMG_5489 - edit copy

Star-Lord IMG_5537 -edit copy

Star-Lord IMG_5531 -edit copy

Star-Lord IMG_5522 - edit copy

Star-Lord IMG_5491 - edit copy

Star-Lord IMG_5495 -edit copy

Star-Lord IMG_5534 -edit copy

Star-Lord IMG_5425 -edit copy

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