We had our 3rd annual Christmas party in early December. This year we rented a small hall and setup some studio stations for shooting. The event just gets better each year with more people coming out and participating. As usual we had a ton of laughs and a great time. Awesome people and lots of yummy food.

I’d like to thank everyone who pitched in and helped make it a successful event. If you are interested in joining the photoclub send me an email. Here are some shots from the day. Looking at them now I can see a lot of the guys were camera shy lol.

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for all your support.

IMG_4831 -edit wm

IMG_4848 -edit wm

IMG_4882 -edit wm

IMG_4889 -edit wm

IMG_4899 -edit wm

IMG_4910 -edit wm

IMG_4917 -edit wm

IMG_4922 -edit wm

IMG_4937 -edit wm

IMG_5019 -edit wm1

IMG_5020 -edit wm

IMG_5023 -edit wm

IMG_5029 -edit wm

IMG_5031 -edit wm

IMG_5050 -edit wm

IMG_5051 -edit wm

IMG_5062 -edit wm

IMG_5084 -edit wm

IMG_5124 -edit wm

IMG_5179 - edit wm

IMG_5188 - edit wm

IMG_5201 - edit wm

IMG_5202 - edit wm

IMG_5213 - edit wm

IMG_5229 - edit wm

IMG_5238 - edit wm

IMG_5255 - edit wm

IMG_5269 - edit wm

IMG_5277 - edit wm

Photographers are strange later in the night
IMG_5280 - edit1 wm

IMG_5286 - edit wm

IMG_5292 - edit wm

IMG_4580 - edit wm

IMG_4625 -edit wm

IMG_4629 -edit wm

IMG_4630 -edit wm

IMG_4654 -edit wm

IMG_4671 -edit wm

IMG_4691 -edit wm

IMG_4699 -edit wm

IMG_4713 -edit wm

IMG_4761 - edit wm

IMG_4770 -edit wm

IMG_4777 - edit wm

IMG_4784 -edit wm

IMG_4791 -edit wm

IMG_4804 -edit wm

IMG_4808 -edit wm

IMG_4815 -edit wm

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