Here are some shots from the May 2015 North Bay Photo Club outing. We did a road trip to Sudbury. It was an awesome day. Terry who is a club member and lives in Sudbury helped organize some locations for us and Alisha modeled for us. The club continues to grow and we are planning more road trips in the future.
If interested in joining the club, contact me. we have a large community online and more members attending the meets each month.

IMG_8382 -edit copy

IMG_8383 -edit copy

IMG_8391 -edit copy

IMG_8396 -edit copy

IMG_8397 -edit copy

IMG_8399 -edit copy

Photo bombed by Alain

IMG_8400 -edit copy

IMG_8404 -edit copy

IMG_8407 -edit copy

Behind the Scenes

IMG_8411 -edit copy

IMG_8414 -edit copy

IMG_8427 -edit copy

IMG_8429 -edit copy

IMG_8433 -edit copy

IMG_8435 -edit copy

IMG_8442 copy

IMG_8452 -edit copy

IMG_8453 -edit copy

IMG_8501 -edit copy

IMG_8508 -edit copy

IMG_8509 -edit copy

IMG_8510 -edit copy

IMG_8518 -edit copy

IMG_8523 -edit copy

IMG_8525 -edit copy

IMG_8528 -edit copy

IMG_8531 -edit copy

IMG_8554 -edit copy

IMG_8568 -edit copy

IMG_8571 -edit copy

IMG_8576 -edit copy

IMG_8579 -edit copy

It’s a Dirty job

IMG_8466 -edit copy

IMG_8477 -edit copy

IMG_8565 -edit copy

IMG_8594 -edit copy

IMG_8595 -edit copy

IMG_8606 -edit copy

IMG_8618 -edit copy

Someone had a good time in Sudbury lol

IMG_8620 -edit copy

Do you think im Sexy?

Three_Rectangles copy

IMG_8616. -edit copy

IMG_8643 -edit copy

IMG_8685 -edit copy

IMG_8688 -edit copy

“Behind” the scenes

IMG_8698 -edit copy

IMG_8702 -edit copy

IMG_8711 -edit copy

IMG_8714 -edit copy

IMG_8726 -edit copy

IMG_8728 -edit copy

IMG_8733 -edit copy

IMG_8735 -edit copy

IMG_8742 -edit copy

IMG_8794 -edit copy

Untitled-3 copy

IMG_8752 -edit copy

IMG_8758 -edit copy

IMG_8766 -edit copy

IMG_8772 -edit copy

IMG_8795 -edit copy

Untitled-3 copy

Untitled-6 copy

Untitled-9 copy

Untitled-91 copy

IMG_8833 -edit copy

IMG_8857 -edit copy

IMG_8871 -edit copy

IMG_8879 -edit copy

IMG_8883 -edit copy

IMG_8889_90 -edit wm copy

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