I organized a road trip with the North Bay Photo Club to Eau Claire Gorge (about 40 minutes away) for our May shoot. When we arrived the gates were still locked so no cars could pass yet. It was a 1.5km walk in and out to get to the main entrance. From there we walked a 2km trail, shooting pictures along the way. It was a cold day for May. I think plus 3c with a bit of snow on and off.

We all packed a lunch and had a great time as usual. If you are interested in joining the club leave me a comment and I will get you the information. We have members ranging from total beginners to seasoned professionals. Our meets/members are very easy going and always willing to help out.

IMG_7239 -edit wm

IMG_7249 edit wm

IMG_7253- edit

IMG_7260 -edit wm

IMG_7274 -edit wm

IMG_7277 -edit wm

IMG_7279 -edit wm

IMG_7287 -edit wm

IMG_7290- edit

IMG_7295- edit

IMG_7301- edit

IMG_7327 -edit






Week 12 NBPC at Eau Claire Gorge IMG_7176_HDR NIK -edit wm

Week 13 Danger IMG_7168_69_70-HDR -edit wm

Week 14 Mossy Log IMG_7212 -edit wm

Week 15 Shooting on the Edge IMG_7158 -edit wm

IMG_7147_HDR NIK -edit wm

IMG_7155 -edit wm

IMG_7156 -edit wm

IMG_7165_HDR NIK -edit wm

IMG_7180 -edit wm

this image was taken right after the one above. The difference is no ND Filter. I took it off to show a member the difference.

IMG_7181- edit

IMG_7192 -edit wm

IMG_7194 -edit wm

IMG_7195 -edit wm

IMG_7198 edit wm

IMG_7210- edit

IMG_7211- edit

IMG_7224-HDR -edit wm

IMG_7230- edit

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